ZET! goes premium!!!

ZET! premium version is NOW AVAILABLE! 

First of all – I wish you all a happy Easter! Therefore i managed to finish and publish a Premium & ad-free version of ZET! in the Google Play Store.

Along with the Premium release you’ll probably notice that there is a small Easter update for ZET! lite – waiting for you to be downloaded. I also lowered a couple of Achievement requirements since some of them were pretty frustrating to unlock.

Stay alert, because soon there will be a campaign to get ZET! premium for FREE!

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And if you have any ideas or suggestions for improvement, don’t be afraid to share them with me!

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ZET! lite – Major update v1.1

Major update to version 1.16 introduces a new game mode

ZET! lite is spreading more and more all over the world! With almost 400 downloads and approximately a hundred active users (according to GooglePlay) I’m proud to announce that this game just got a new major update – introducing the Arcade mode:

The goal in Arcade mode is to find all visible ZETs within a time limit to reach higher and more difficult levels, where you’re able to earn lots of coins! While playing you’ll also unlock different power-ups (or just buy them in the shop) that will help you achieve this goal – but use them wisely! The further you get, the rarer they become…

See the full changelog down below to learn what else has been added:

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ZET! lite – First update after release!

ZET! lite gets an update to version 1.04

It’s been almost two weeks since my logic game ZET! lite launched on Google Play – and it already got far more than 100 downloads from all over the world – with 5-star ratings only! That’s awesome!

In the meantime I’ve also been busy and put together a small update improving ZET! lite by a few bugfixes and small but nice features! See what has changed in the changelog down below.

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